Music √ Wine √

Rock n Roll 2

proud mary hair by Analog Dog

Allison Bra by Bens Boutique

Solange ripped shorts by ISON

Sweet [Garter] by *PerveTTe*

Lets Drink (Glass of wine & wine opened) by :::ChicChica::: Available@Shiny Shabby

Summertime Radio by {What Next} Available@Collabor88

Candy Pots – Spider 2 & 1 by Maxi Gossamer Available@Collabor88

Heathen Build by Anxiety Available@Shiny Shabby


Music Décor Gacha Set by MESH INDIA Available@Cosmopolitan

10 MI Piano Couch RARE by MESH INDIA

06 MI Piano Rug

09 MI Guitar Rock’n’ Roll

04 MI Sound Mixer

05 MI Music Notes

02 MI Make your own

08 MI Guitar Hanger

01 MI Restricted Area

03 MI Live Music Arrow


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