About Me

In September of 2008 I was flipping through television channels and stumbled across some program where there was some woman talking about how she was one of the highest paid madames in some virtual world called “Second Life”. So I thought to myself hmmm how hard could it be to be a madame in some cartoon world…piece of cake!
Soon after that program was over, Tanaya Baxton was born!

Once I entered Second Life I soon discovered that things probably weren’t going to be so easy after all, at least not at first! I had to learn how to walk, learn how to cam, learn how to rez objects and the list of learning goes on and on. After that first full year of learning, I one day ran into one of the most gorgeous avatars I had ever seen. I perved her from head to from head to toe, perved her profile and soon discovered that she was a Second Life Model. That’s when I quickly tossed my dream of being some top notch overseer of hookers(LOL) out the window immediately. I had found my destiny…I was going to transform myself into a Second life Model.

For four years I lived out my dream of being a model by attending prestigious Model Academies, competing in numerous contests and striking a pose on numerous runways. It was such hard work but yet so rewarding and so much fun at the same damn time, how could I not love what I was doing!? But of course all good things must come to an end…I had become burned out…I needed a Break!

In June of 2012 I discovered that I could still live my dream in fashion in my own way, somewhat at my own pace through blogging. And here I am four years later still doing what I love the most, playing with clothes 🙂

Thank You for reading About Me, Tanaya Baxton ❤

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**Just some of Many good Old Memories….
Cert 3 500

Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy
Cert 2

GABRIEL Runway Show
Cert 9 500

GABRIEL Runway Show
Cert 10 500

ProFashion Productions 500

Opium Elite Fashion Academy
Cert 7 500

Miss Ebony International
cert 4 500

SHIKI Runway Show
Cert 8 500

Angel Dessous Model Of The Month
Cert 6 500

MAD Agency Runway
cert 5 500


JCNY Runway
Cert 7