Do What You Want & Have No Regrets

Mischief 1

Iris Hair by Opale Available@Tres Chic

Sweet FUR TOP by Scandalize Available@Cosmopolitan

Distressed Shorts by Sabotage Available@Tress Chic

Lexi Shoe by [BREATHE] Available@The Chapter Four


Scene Items Featured:

Lock and Load Pink Scene by Pseudo Available@Pocket Gacha

Barrel Tipped YELLOW by *Drot* (Older Gacha Item)

Flying Paper by Kalopsia




Cheers To Those Who Love Us, The Losers That Lost Us, & The Lucky Bastards Who Get To Meet Us

Cheers 1

Gilly hair by Moon Available@Pocket gacha

Hailey Demin Dress by GizzA Available@Tres Chic

Stella tattoo by .::NanikA::. Available@On9

Fate Boot by CandyDoll


Scene Items Featured:

Cornice Drapes Free Hanging – Open floral by ChiC buildings Available@On9

Couple Corner by <Heart Homes> Available@On9

Potted Pothos by Soy

Monstera Print A & Monstera Print B by Fancy Decor

eiffel tower marquee by floorplan.

Artists Loft Skybox by SAYO Available@FaMESHed


Happy Fall Y’all

Happy Fall Yall 4

Mallory Club Chair Pack 3 by :: NEWCHURCH :: Available@On9

 Item includes:

Mallory Club Chair w/ five Menu Color textures & Woodrow Side Table


Fall Décor Gacha By Mesh India Available@Tres Chic

Items featured includes:

06 MESH INDIA Pumpkin flower light 2

05 MESH INDIA Pumpkin flower light 1

03 MESH INDIA Orange Pumpkin & Succulents

02 MESH INDIA White Pumpkin & Succulents

04 MESH INDIA Fall Wall Sign (1 LI)

09 MESH INDIA Happy Fall Rug RARE

01 MESH INDIA Leaf Decor

08 MESH INDIA Big Pumpkin Trolley


Old Travel Documents by [Merak] Available@aQua

 Stomna (Water Pots)  by [Merak] Available@aQua

Grandma’s Purse by [Merak] Available@aQua

Yesterday’s House by Pure Poison Available@Collabor88

Kitten (kitten Collection) by JIAN

Candy pot(flower pot) by Maxi Grossamer

Stockholm-Sneakers décor by ~BAZAR~

Get Lost In All The Right Directions

Red eye REDO

Mesh India Travel Décor Gacha Available@aQua Event

Items featured include:

01 MESH INDIA Departure Sign Board

05 MESH INDIA World Map Décor

08 MESH INDIA Let’s Go Décor

02 01 MESH INDIA 66 Route Map & Sign Board

06  TMESH INDIA Travel Plan Board Décor

04 MESH INDIA Travel Suitcase 2 Décor

03  MESH INDIA Travel Suitcase 1 Décor

Other Items Include:

Day Seat & Table by Consignment

Swiss Cheese & Snake Plant by {what next}

06 Mesh India Pipes decor by MESH INDIA (The Garage Décor Gacha Set)

Artists Loft Skybox by SAYO Available@FaMESHed