Dream Lover Come Rescue Me

let's see

CLIO hair by ICONIC Available@Hair Fair 2018

CLIO Headpiece by NARCISSE Available@Hair Fair 2018

Jaylin Lace Romper by Bens Boutique


A Flower Doesn’t Think Of Competing With The Flower Next To It…It Just Blooms

flower garden 3.png

Head Accessory – Plastic Fantastic Wreath by *LODE* Available@Collabor88

Camelia Hair by Opale Available@Tres Chic

KarinaNecklace by Baubles! Available@On9

Denim on Denim Outfit – Hud Driven By Bens Boutique

Floral Décor Gacha Items by MESH INDIA Available@Pocket Gacha

06 MI Floral Frame

07 MI Floral Frame

01 MI Floral Design

10 MI Floral Bin

Music √ Wine √

Rock n Roll 2

proud mary hair by Analog Dog

Allison Bra by Bens Boutique

Solange ripped shorts by ISON

Sweet [Garter] by *PerveTTe*

Lets Drink (Glass of wine & wine opened) by :::ChicChica::: Available@Shiny Shabby

Summertime Radio by {What Next} Available@Collabor88

Candy Pots – Spider 2 & 1 by Maxi Gossamer Available@Collabor88

Heathen Build by Anxiety Available@Shiny Shabby


Music Décor Gacha Set by MESH INDIA Available@Cosmopolitan

10 MI Piano Couch RARE by MESH INDIA

06 MI Piano Rug

09 MI Guitar Rock’n’ Roll

04 MI Sound Mixer

05 MI Music Notes

02 MI Make your own

08 MI Guitar Hanger

01 MI Restricted Area

03 MI Live Music Arrow

I Just Wanna Give You Legs For Days

When I think of you.png

Taren hair by TRUTH

Bliss Ruffle Bodysuit – Hud Driven by Bens Boutique

Narcissus + Penstemon shoes by EMPIRE

Beach Shack by [Focus Poses] Available@Lost & Found

Sunflower Glass Bottle by Mesh India

AirMail by Mesh India

Décor – Texas Suitcases by *LODE*  Available@Collabor88

Pothos & Swiss Cheese Plants by {what next}

Tabby andering Kitten by JIAN

Summer Heat fan by Kirin Available@Kustom 9

Apple Book by Mesh India

Lily Painting & Fresh As Fuck by Can’t Even